Technology: Microscope and the most advanced techniques

The microscope has a strong influence on the quality and the outcome of a root canal treatment or a root end surgery. The dental microscope provides to the clinician the possibility of identifying microscopic variations of the teeth anatomy, among other many advantages. The main challenge for an endodontist is the tiny are where he works. Into the teeth there is a complex space when is located the pulp tissue. A tooth can contain several canals, depending on the tooth, these canals are narrow and very difficult to locate. There are many studies demonstrating that missed canals are one of the main reasons of a failure. Unfortunately, without the microscope, the complex anatomy of a tooth is very difficult or impossible to overcome.

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Root canal with no magnification Vs Root canal using a Microscope

The difference between these 2 situations is very obvious. Below you will find both situations in real clinical situations.

Endodoncia SIN magnificación

Root canal treatment with NO magnification

Endodoncia con Microscopio

Microscopic root canal treatment


1.-INSTRUMENTATION. Pulp tissue removal.

In every root canal treatment we select the most approbate system, which provides the highest flexibility and efficacy. Using the most novel NiTi alloys, what offers safety and an excellent anatomy preservation.


Every single case is disinfected using an Apical Negative Pressure device. No needles are inserted into the canals. Eliminating any possibility of extrude our solutions into the surrounding tissues as in a traditional root canal treatment. This system provides the maximum safety and efficacy. Eliminating more microorganisms at the tip of the root than any other device. In addition, we complement this technique with sonic and ultrasonic activation, cleaning and disinfecting anatomical variations easily.


Disinfection using Apical Negative Pressure


This Apical Negative Pressure  device minimizes the post-operative pain due to its superior disinfection.


We possess the latest devices focused on the three dimensional obturation of the root canals. We choose the better technique for each case, minimizing possible errors in complex cases, as large roots or roots with severe curvatures.

The content of this website cannot be reproduced. All the content from De Gregorio Endodoncia©  has been registered. September, 1st, 2014.

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