¿What are the treatments we perform?


De Gregorio Endodontics, limited exclusively  to endodontics (root canals). We perform high complex root canals, retreatments, root end surgeries, revascularization of inmature teeth and treatments of dental traumatology (fractures, luxations, avulsions, etc). We perform consultations for dental pain as well.

If you are English speaker, there is no problem with this. We will answer your call, make the appointment and make any explanation before and during the treatment in English.

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1.- Root canal treatments. They are needed in certain circumstances, as a deep decay, fillings or fractures due to a dental trauma. At our practice, we perform all these treatments using a microscope, so, the correct way to name this treatment would be: “Microscopic Root Canal Treatment”.

2.- Retreatments. When a root canal treatment has not been performed in a correct way, it could show signs of infection or inflammation. Although, sometimes, these deficient treatments do not produce any pain and we find the disease in a routinely exploration, the retreatment is needed, in order to eliminate the source of infection.

3.- Root end surgery. The aim of this treatments is the direct access to the origin of the infection, the tip of the root. We decide to perform an apical surgery when a tooth, which has been retreated, shows any problem or when the retreatment is not recommendable due to a large coronal restoration, as a tooth with a post and prosthetic crown.

4.- Root end filling. For this purpose we use several materials, among them, the MTA. When a tooth is immature and due to an infection, it is not going to complete the development of the root, we need to make a barrier at tip of the root to achieve a good sealing.

5.- Consultations for dental pain (hot tooth).

6.- Dental traumatology. We are specialized in traumatic injuries, affecting teeth, bone and soft tissues.

7.- Revascularization. This is a new protocol applied when immature teeth, which are very weak due to the lack of development of the root, could continue the root closure. It is also known as pulp regeneration, although the correct concept is Revascularization, since the new tissue promoted into the root is not exactly pulp tissue. This treatment is not always an alternative and we will assess the possibility to perform it, using different diagnostic techniques.

Below, you will find more specific examples about the treatments we perform at De Gregorio Endodoncia:

-Management of ledges and blocked canals

-Root canals performed through prosthetic crowns

-Perforations sealing

-Root end filling with MTA

-Internal and external resorptions

-Large periapical lesions

-Apical surgeries

-Complicated crown fractures

-Lateral luxations

-Intrusive and extrusive luxations


The content of this website cannot be reproduced. All the content from De Gregorio Endodoncia©  has been registered. September, 1st, 2014.

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